1/2 Prince and G-Dragon the same person?!!! O_o


Rinatsu aka me just moved to a new blog and you can find this blog post right here: http://rinatsu.blogspot.com/2010/01/12-prince-and-g-dragon-same-person-oo.html

Nothing has changed, Rinatsu is still the same just location is a little different. Be sure to subscribe to my new but still the same blog!!! http://rinatsu.blogspot.com/

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Yours, Rinatsu ♥


4 thoughts on “1/2 Prince and G-Dragon the same person?!!! O_o

  1. OMG YESH HE KIND OF DOSE LOOK LIKE GDRAGON!!!!!! i love big bang and there music and i’m actually going to go on to a websit for elllen and maby have a supported team try to get big band on ellen degeneres show :D!!!! OMG!!! IT WILL BE AWSOME :O 😀 :B O.o


    • Don’t faint. Lol. XDD Yeaaaah! I also love Big Bang. Well maybe I’m not a huge fan, ’cause I’m more G-Dragon listener. ;D But I should also listen to Big Bang. XD Hey good luck on whatever you are going to do there. XD

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