Resolve – Japanese fonts for Google Chrome and more!


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93 thoughts on “Resolve – Japanese fonts for Google Chrome and more!

  1. Thanks for the information. I tried it and at first, I loved it because it was so fast. But it kept getting slower as I went on and I kept getting frustrated. So I went back to Firefox, which is much better for my computer.I did love Chrome’s search box at the top. It was so handy and cool.I wish Gmail Manager was available for Chrome so I could keep track of my email at all times.

  2. This didn’t work for me, it refused to accept the file type into the folder, said it was either corrupted or invalid. Maybe it’s because I’m on XP and everyone else is using Vista? I dunno.

  3. holy crap it works!

    thank you very much, i’ve been trying to get this fixed since i arrived in japan last year.

    now i have no excuse to not learn japanese,….. damn 😛

    thanks again!

    • Oh you are welcome. It’s very nice when people say ‘thank you’ 😀
      Ohhh and I’m so envy you. Being in Japan… Amazing… ;]]]

  4. ummm..i can’t understand it…i download it..

    what will i do next??

    i tried to paste it on Fonts Folder..

    and it says it is damage..

    • That happened because the rar. file didnt downloaded properly. try to download it again and this time make sure that it downloads completely. (Obviously, you are using “Google Chrome”) so.. at the bottom you are going to see how much time is left before it finished downloading, make sure it does not stop before time.

      • Yay! Good to see a good explainer. XD ‘Cause you had problems too so your help at explaining is really needed. XD

  5. um yea i’m haveing a bit trouble finding the place to download this for my chrome could someone please tell me? O_o

  6. THANK YOU SOO MUCH… I came across this site a few months ago and it didn’t work (your trick), but today i tried it again and HOLLY SH…(you know what) it worked.
    The only thing I regret its not having tried it again the first time it failed.
    PS: For those who think that it didn’t worked please close all the internet windows. then open the internet and take a look at any site with Japanese characters.

  7. Thank you so so much! Hontou ni Arigatou!!! I`ve done a lot of research on how to make my Google Chrome properly read japanese characters…. Thank God I`ve found this solution!!!! Good Job!

  8. Hi Rina ,

    namaste !

    well it worked for me , thank u very much ! I live in Tokyo’s most beautiful place , Odaiba ! if someday u happen to come to Japan , temme . i will show u around as thank u gesture 😉

    Cheers ,


  9. Unfortunately this trick didn’t work for me either but I downloaded the “Office XP Tool: Japanese Language” Pack from the microsoft website, restarted Google Chrome and that has worked instead. Thanks for posting a possible solution though, it obviouslt does work if you don’t have a fickle XP version lol 🙂

  10. the language pack thing also didn’t work for me, but this fix did ^_^.

    Thank you very much.

  11. In case anyone’s having problems with this (it didn’t work at first for me) I’ve written a little guide on how I got it working. Hope this helps…

    First, download the fonts and unrar (uncompress) into C:\Windows\Fonts (this is correct for XP – I don’t know about Vista or 7).

    Go to C:\Windows\Fonts and check they’re in place. They should be easy to spot as they’re both over 8MB in size.
    They’re called ‘MingLiU & PMingLiU (TrueType)’ and ‘MS Gothic & MS PGothic & MS UI Gothic (TrueType).

    Now open Chrome.

    In Chrome, click the spanner icon,

    select ‘options’ from the drop-down menu,

    click the ‘under the bonnet’ (may be ‘under the hood’ if you use US English!) tab,

    scroll down to ‘Web Content’ and click on the ‘Change font and language settings’ button,

    click the ‘change’ button on the “Serif Font” line and select ‘MingLiU’ in the window that pops up,

    click the ‘change’ button on the “San-Serif Font” line and select ‘MS UI Gothic’ in the window that pops up,

    click ‘ok’ on that windows and ‘close’ on the one behind it.

    You’re done!

    • thanks for that excellent explanation Yoss… it is all working now 🙂

      i found that after selecting MingLiU in the Serif Font i had to also change the script box to CHINESE BIGS
      and in the SanSerif FOnt i had to change the script box to japanese
      before the changes took place…
      afterwards they seem to have reverted to the original settings…

      thanks to rinatsu-san for this excellent thread

      *bows deeply*


  12. It worked!

    To install a font you need to extract the ttc files from the .rar provided here and go to the fonts folder and click “file” then “Install New Font”. Install both fonts provided. Happiness!

    Thank you so much. You’re a life saver. (I mean really, my computer has my temporary Japanese address, without this font I have to tell everyone I live at


    Thank you!

    • Happy to hear that!~ ^^ Oh, your address, careful, or some strange girl called Rinatsu will come and starts to sing stupid songs near your door. ;DD

  13. Worked fantastic for Chromium browser to read Japanese tweets in Twitter, whoop! 🙂

    Thank God I no longer have to suffer them squares 🙂

    Thank-you & deeply appreciated 🙂

    Free URL shortening & Redirect Provider.

  14. OMG! I can see… ~ ^^ ~ I’ve done everything to get them characters, and only this worked so…
    Thank you so much for this
    It works without a hitch.

  15. Yes! It worked! Thank you! Thank you! ❤ Your a major help in my pursuit to learn Japanese!

  16. Holy crap. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!! I have been trying to figure out how to fix this problem for a while and this did it! I’m on Lang8 with my primary learning language as Japanese. It’s awesome that I can now read actual kanji when reading a Japanese friend’s posts instead of just seeing a bunch of boxes. Thanks again! I’m sharing this on my Facebook!

  17. Yata, it worked ! Thank you so so so soo much for posting this. My mom’s been bugging me to get something like this for evarrr. She’s japanese so whenever she would try to go to her japanese sites and stuff, she would always see boxes and it bugged her x] Thanks again !

  18. How do you extract (uncompress?) the rar file? I can’t figure it out and there doesn’t appear to be an option to anywhere.

    • Open the rar folder, when the window appears there should be a lot of buttons on the top. One should be ‘Extract To’. Click it and choose your ‘Fonts’ folder. Usually it is in C:\WINDOWS\Fonts
      Did you find it? Tell me if you need more help! 😉 I will be happy to help.
      I’m planning to make an explaining blog post how to extract this since some people are facing problems doing it.

  19. thanks a lot….i’ve searched long time to display japanese,but nothing worked…until now 😀

  20. Thank you very much!! =) Have tried half a dussin different ways to get it but only this one worked. U made my day even better ^^ Cheers!

  21. umm these were not Japanese fonts, I dont know if im doing something wrong, but I extracted them into my fonts folders and i looked at them, and they are no different than Arial. The names of the fonts arent even Japanese, mingliu and msgothic. What the heck?

    • It IS Japanese fonts, believe me. 🙂 The way they look doesn’t affect the way they work. Yes, they look like Arial but they are actually Japanese fonts. I was kinda confused too at first. 🙂

  22. I looked at the fonts you offered and all I saw was the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. It was in clear English in a ordinary font and if figured it wouldn’t work. I put it in the font folder anyway and gave it a shot. To my surprise it works perfectly… I don’t know why it works but it does and it’s awesome.

    You are awesome. Awesome Awesome Awesome!! Arigato gozaimasu!

    • Oy, don’t need to flatter me like that. Or I’ll get boastful. Haha.
      Ah, don’t need to thank me. Thank you for trying and proving yourself that it works and taking time to comment!! ^^

  23. Woah! Tai is tiesu suveike, nesitikejau 😛 . Pagaliau galesiu pradet ilgas ir nuobodzias japonu kalbos pamokas internetu 😀
    Aciu mergyt, nuosirdziai dekingas.

    • Hahaha visad prasom, malonu padeti. 😀 O as taip ir neprisiverciau mokintis internetu… Nors ir atsiprintinau basicsus bet vistiek nieko… 😀 Tikiuosi pavyks univere japonu mokytis, nes taip ir neismoksiu. 😀

  24. Thanks.. I’m using Chrome and I’ve searched for solutions for showing Japanese characters for a long time and this one worked perfectly.. Thanks 🙂

  25. arigatou gozaimasu…. very very effective… you deserve an applause rinatsu-san

  26. I don’t know if I’ve done something wrong but it doesn’t work for me. I using Chrome on Win XP Professional. Other than unzipping the file… must I restart (the computer, not only the browser)?

    Thanks anyway. I’ll keep trying

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