Photoshop experimenting day


Rinatsu aka me just moved to a new blog and you can find this blog post right here:

Nothing has changed, Rinatsu is still the same just location is a little different. Be sure to subscribe to my new but still the same blog!!!

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4 thoughts on “Photoshop experimenting day

  1. hehe, i took a look at your site, i think its very nice, lively ^ _ ^
    i must admit a thing that i’ve just used photoshop some months ago ^ ^, so i know my skill is still very bad :P.
    Thank you for sweet words about my site ;), i just want to share something i like 🙂
    im very happy you like my tutorials. Hehe, im not expert but i love to share and learn from each other so i hope to see more of your creations ^ ^. About the second pic (orange tone) , i think maybe your original pic has lots of yellow tone on the face so if you want to get this tone maybe choose another pic ( with tone similar to my source), or adjust parameters to get the best result) .
    Thank you again for accompanying me, you are really a nice girl, funny and lovely ( i look at your opera blog ^^), i will come there later :), if you love to keep in touch with me ;).

    • Thank you!
      Yes, I chose wrong picture for that effect but it was good, I made something different. Hehe. 😀 I’ll try to do some more things. Well, I’m not good at doing tutorials so I just stick with others doing it. And I will learn from others to become better. Hehe. ;P
      Oh so if you will be able just write message for me on Opera or add me. Because I don’t remember how I found you. ;DD
      Thanks again!

  2. I like the result. :] Experimenting is a great way to learn because you become familiar with all the effects — I think the majority of the stuff I’ve done involved playing with layers and changing the setting to “overlay” or “screen” and then playing with the colours and effects that result from it.

    Anyway, great job. ^^ Hope to see more Photoshop stuff from you!

    • Thank you very much!
      Actually I learned Photoshop basics by myself. It was long long time ago. Experimenting and playing with colours and layers really helped me. Then I found out that there are a lot of Photoshop tutorials out here in the Internet. So that’s how my kinda like passions for Photoshop started. Hehe. ;D
      So thanks again! I’ll try to post something more with Photoshop. I guess I have some old stuff made by me. If I can find it, I will post it. ^^

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