DIY: Beautiful Shawl


Rinatsu aka me just moved to a new blog and you can find this blog post right here:

Nothing has changed, Rinatsu is still the same just location is a little different. Be sure to subscribe to my new but still the same blog!!!

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3 thoughts on “DIY: Beautiful Shawl

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  2. Hi. I love the shawl. Im going to try and make one for myself. I was wondering though how many chains you started with at the beginning?

    • Hi! I’m glad you are interested! :3 Only 3 chains at the beginning as it is shown. ^^ I would love to see the finished result!
      P.S.: my blog will be moving soon. All posts will stay but content will move to a new blog in blogspot. There will be a link to the same post just in different place so don’t be surprised or shocked. It’s not gone! Good luck! ^^

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