About me

My name is Lina. But you can call me Rinatsu. My nickname in a whole internet. ;}

I live in North East of Europe. I am 20 years old.

I am a passionate blogger, amateur photographer, make up lover, crafts girl obsessed with knitting and crocheting. I’m studying Multimedia and Internet Technology in university so I’m also trying to get better at graphics and so.

I’m always trying to spread inspiration and creativity.

I hope you’ll enjoy every part of my creations. ^-^

If you’re interested in my works, like my page on Facebook.
If you want to know more personal side of me, follow me on Twitter for an everyday dose of blabbing, ranting and dreaming~
I also have a DeviantART account so you are free to add me to your Watch list there. I post my photography and computer graphics works. :3

With Love, ~Rinatsu~


12 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hey,

    Very nice and interesting site.

    Great work, you’ll be famous some day.
    Don’t forget about us little people.

    Christopher (from Opera)

  2. This web is quite interesting, how many kanji can you read? i’ve managed to learn 1000 words in half a year. slowly but surely. ganbatte onegaishimasu

    • Thank you! ^^
      How many you ask… Dunno, maybe 3 or 4. ;DD Yeah, kinda fail. XD But I can’t learn any right now because I need to get ready for exams. ;]

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