These are my current fanlistings I’m in. ;] I love big buttons and it’s more easy for people find out which is which, so there my fanlistings and a short description. ;]

Ocean Abound: Ohmi Tomu Fanlisting

Mangaka that I love. ;]


Empty City: The Chobits Fanlisting

One of my favorite anime.

Feline Snail: Gary The Snail Fanlisting

Ok, I know I’m stupid but I really love this snail. XDD

Sora…She’s waiting in the sky: AIR TV Fanlisting

Sunny Side Up: Aishiteruze Baby Fanlisting

I know… Strange button… XDD

Yakusoku: Kamio Misuzu Fanlisting

Ah… This girl from anime AIR just really reminds me of myself… XDDD

Mr. BrightSide: Katakura Kippei Fanlisting

From anime Aishiteruze Baby


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